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Some reasons to book with us…

Why Book with Us?

We are local to Barcelona

Barcelona is a special city and it deserves a unique tour. We are not a franchise or a foreign-owned company, we are locals who have been living in Barcelona for many years. So we know the city really well, and we have designed experiences that connect with its unique character. Our tours couldn’t exist anywhere else, they are not a formula, they are a reflection of their home city.

As well as being a local company, paying taxes here, we also support local, mostly family run businesses, from the market traders we visit, to the bodegas, tapas bars, restaurants and cafes we eat and drink in.

Our tours are sustainable

Sustainability is really important to us. Barcelona is, in our opinion, the best city in the world, however that brings unique challenges… mass tourism is creating an increasing tension between (some) locals and tourists, causing huge congestion in some areas of the city. We believe there are enough beautiful and interesting parts of Barcelona for tourists to spread out and enjoy the city without causing overcrowding, where their curiosity and the money they spend will be appreciated by the local communities. That’s why all of our tours take place away from main transit points and overcrowded districts, and also why we only ever travel in a maximum group of 8 people. When you take a tour with us you will enjoy a great response from the locals you encounter as we responsibly and respectfully explore the city’s food culture.


Our tours put you in touch with the local culture and by helping you to understand it we are confident we will encourage you to respect it. We encourage responsible alcohol consumption only.

We are new…

We are a new tour and keen to impress. You will not be tourists on a treadmill for us, but some of our first and most important customers!

…but experienced

Despite being new to the food tour market, we designed Steel Donkey Bike Tours, the city’s first ever alternative bike tour and possibly the world’s, and five times awarded Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence. In total we have 20 years experience in travel industry and tourism in various countries, always with a focus on sustainable and responsible travel.

Value for money

We are not the richest people in the world, and when we travel getting value for money is important to us. And so naturally giving value for money is equally important. Our goal was to create a product we’d be happy to buy at a price that we’d be happy to pay, with as many taste sensations as possible.

More than just great food and drink

We see food as a cultural experience, and as such we aim to deliver more than just delicious bites to eat. The aim of our tours is to deliver context and a sense of place, whilst the whole activity is designed as an experience much more than a meal – that’s why we make our own pan amb tomaquet, drink from a porron and visit a local market. Come and see what we mean!

In The Press

Driftwood Journals said:

“Zara, our guide and chief feeder, set the scene. Orientating us in space and time, she transported our minds to the beginnings of Catalan cuisine, enlightening us with fascinating little nuggets of info and explaining Barcelona’s role as a producer and innovator…. We scoffed gourmet croquettes and wonderful little puffs of spinach and halloumi. We sipped premium quality Catalan Cava while Zara demonstrated her expansive wine knowledge – she’s a passionate and skilled sommelier, which certainly comes in handy on a tour like this.”

Barcelona Life said:

“A complete introduction to Catalan food… More than just tantalising your tastes buds, Food Tours Barcelona also make it their mission to give their guests plenty of local insight and share some fun regional experiences, such as drinking from a porron wine vessel and making your own pan amb tomaquet (tomato bread), during the activity. With around 20 food and drink tastes included in the price it is great value for money.”

Food Barcelona said:

“An informative and well balanced intro to Barcelona’s local flavours. The tour presents Catalan and Spanish food in an order of increasing sophistication as it progresses. Guide Zara is a very knowledgeable wine buff… it would have been rude not to follow her suggestions.”

Latitude 41 said:

“The Evolution of Catalan Gastronomy Tour treads beyond the basic Barcelona tapas tour. It’s an upscale food tour for visitors who want to immerse themselves in the Catalan culinary scene… You’ll prowl the (practically locals-only) food market and authentic Catalan restaurants in the central Sant Antoni neighborhood.

Foodie Barcelona said:

“The Catalan Gastronomy tour is a newbie to the market, seeing a new angle for a food tour: the journey and transformation of rustic dishes like croquetas and paella to the modernistic dishes influenced by Catalunya’s most famous export after Messi: Ferran Adria.”

Appetite & Other Stories said:

“Our host for the food experience Jessica navigated us with great knowledge through the streets of Sant Antoni. On our 3 hours walking tour, we experienced 6 stops with traditional and modern food and drinks from Barcelona and Catalonia. The pace of the tour is great, no rush or stress. There are easy walking distances between all the stops and during the short strolls Jessica filled us in on history and culture of both Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain. It’s a perfect activity in Barcelona to experience for anyone enjoying food and culture.”