Catalan Gastronomy Tour

A walking food tour of Barcelona

The evolution of Barcelona’s cuisine, from ‘surf and turf’ market ingredients to Adria-inspired creative tapas…

“Food is life,” Ferran Adria.

Come with us as we explore the evolution of Barcelona’s world famous cuisine, tasting the “surf and turf” raw ingredients that first shaped Catalan gastronomy, before savouring the region’s famous traditional delicacies, and then indulging our palates with wonders from the city’s creative tapas scene.

Each dish on the tour is paired with a locally-produced wine, Cava or vermouth, and the tour takes place in the central but still authentic Sant Antoni district, the historic home of Barcelona’s food production and currently the culinary home of the world’s greatest chef, Ferran Adria.


Tastes, Context and Experiences

Savour 14 local dishes and delicacies, gain amazing insight into Catalan cuisine and enjoy some unforgettable Barcelona experiences

Why Book With Us?

  1. All inclusive price. Your 98 euros covers all food and drink in the tour description, expert guide, plus all taxes, booking fees etc.
  2. We are local. Our small team has been living in Barcelona for over 25 years in total. We support local farmers, market traders, bodegas / restaurants, and stores, and everything you taste on the tour has been grown and/or produced in Barcelona, Catalonia or Spain. Our company is registered and pays taxes here in Spain.
  3. Small group. We prefer exploring in a small group, for a more intimate and authentic experience. 
  4. Sustainability. Because we taste only regional and Spanish products our tour has a low carbon footprint. Furthermore our tour takes part in one of the least touristic districts in the city – Sant Antoni. In recent years this central district has evolved from a purely residential district to home of several gastronomical trends (vermouth renaissance, hipster cafes, and creative tapas – this is where the Adria brothers opened all five of their new Barcelona restaurants) and is the most interesting place to eat and drink in the city today. By avoiding the touristic areas you are avoiding congestion, and are part of a sustainable way of travelling, instead of contributing to the problems of mass tourism in Barcelona.
  5. New kids on the block. We are the latest food tour to launch in Barcelona… and for that reason we have gone out of way to design what we believe is the very best food experience in the city! Otherwise what would be the point 😉

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