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Come with us as we explore the evolution of Barcelona’s world famous cuisine, tasting the “surf and turf” raw ingredients that first shaped Catalan gastronomy, before savouring the region’s famous traditional delicacies, and then indulging our palates with wonders from the city’s creative tapas scene.

The concept of this tour is to take our guests through the entire evolution of Barcelona cuisine, from the basic ‘surf and turf’ ingredients to favourite regional dishes and then on to avant garde creations of modern Catalan cuisine, pioneered by the Adria brothers and propagated by top chefs throughout the city.

Tastes (food)

  • Jamon serrano
  • Jamon Iberico, aka the world’s best ham
  • Catalan cheese
  • Galician cheese
  • Manchego cheese
  • Membrillo
  • Spanish olives
  • Pam amb tomaquet (the famous Catalan tomato bread, which you will make yourself!)
  • Cantabrian anchovies
  • Artichokes with Romesco sauce, a delicious tangy Catalan salsa.
  • Calamari croquettes, a delicious twist on the usual ham / cheese croquetas (dish may vary on the day)
  • Beans with truffle, avocado and quail eggs (dish may vary on the day)
  • Artisan olive oils
  • Fartons, a sugary Spanish pastry

Tastes (drink)

  • Homemade vermouth
  • Cava, aka Catalan champagne
  • Orxata


  • A brief history of Barcelona’s food supply from medieval times to present
  • An understanding of what is meant by surf and turf / mar y muntana and how it shaped local cuisine
  • The evolution of Catalan cuisine, from traditional tapas to Adria-inspired creativity and “molecular” cuisine
  • Sant Antoni district then and now
  • Local stories


  • Visit to a local market
  • Making your own pan amb tomaquet (tomato) bread, a simple dish that is the pride of Catalonia
  • Drinking from a traditional porron (be careful not to spill any!)
  • Visit to a family owned artisan store
  • See the monastery that supplied Barcelona’s fresh produce in medieval times
  • Watch cooking from an open kitchen

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